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Volunteers play a critical role in support of FEJ's work, both in Haiti and in the USA, Canada and Europe.

Volunteer from home: There are many valuable volunteer opportunities that can be fulfilled from your own home, wherever you live. Some examples include assistance with fundraising, marketing, communications, and recruiting volunteers to travel to Haiti. Please contact the volunteer coordinator at briancarlson@fondationenfantjesus.org to find out how you can help.

Volunteer in Haiti: FEJ welcomes volunteers to assist directly with their projects in Haiti. You and your group can make a significant contribution toward FEJ's work and experience the vibrant Haitian culture on a one-week service trip that will have a lasting impact in Haiti and you!

FEJ makes it easy to volunteer with transportation provided for the one-hour drive from the Port-au-Prince international airport to Lamardelle.

Volunteers stay at the guest house which provides comfortable accommodations and meals adjacent to the health clinic. Volunteers are typically responsible for their own airfare as well as in-country food/lodging/transportation costs which average about $500/week.

There are generally two categories of volunteer groups: 1. General work groups, and 2. Medical or other specialized professionals.

1. General work groups typically visit FEJ for 1 week, during which time they assist with high-priority projects at FEJ's facilities such as painting, construction, organizing, or landscaping. Group size can be up to 12 individuals and costs average about $500/week per person (not including airfare). Contact briancarlson@fondationenfantjesus.org or fill out an online volunteer application here.

2. Medical or other professional typically visit FEJ for 1 week, either as a group or as individuals.
Depending on the nature of the volunteer's speciality, their role with be to provide continuing education to FEJ's clinic staff and/or to provide some direct patient care. We are currently recruiting short-term volunteers in the following health care specialities:

  • Dentists and Dental hygienists
  • Dermatologists
  • OB-GYN doctors and nurses
  • Ophthalmologists and Optometrists
  • Physical/Speech/Occupational/Recreational Therapists
  • Rehabilitation medicine physicians
  • Public Health specialists
  • Pediatricians and Pediatric nurses

In addition to medical volunteers, other skilled volunteers are also needed. Current needs include: Garment manufacturing/quality control/marketing; Early childhood educators; Librarians; Social workers; IT specialists; Teacher-trainers; Agronomists; Micro-business development; and small industry experts.

To learn more, please contact briancarlson@fondationenfantjesus.org or fill out an online volunteer application here.

Check the calendar to find open dates for your trip: link to calendar.