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Board of Directors

Fondation Enfant Jesus (FEJ) in Haiti and EFJ USA (EFJ USA) are non-profit organizations formed to identify and resolve key issues at key life that afflict the people of Haiti. They encourage sustainable human development for children and poor families with a robust life development program that includes culturally sensitive education, advocacy for child and family, entrepreneurship, health, development and improvement Community, and an extensive child protection program and family. The two branches, Haiti and the United States have their independent board, but are united in a main direction (CEO Gina F. Duncan) and are committed to their mission.


Gina F. Duncan is a strong advocate for children and their country. Born in Petit Goave, Haiti, Gina is currently the Chief Executive Officer of the Fondation Enfant Jesus (EFJ) and EFJ USA. Her visionary leadership has led to the creation of a community center in full swing, a medical clinic, school and orphanage and innovative programs that support women, education, health and community development in rural areas Haiti.
She earned several degrees abroad in nursing, counseling and administration of public health. The proud mother of three, Gina has dedicated her life to humanitarian efforts, offering hope to dozens of abandoned and orphaned children and empowering local communities to build a better and more sustainable future.