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30 Years of Action

Last 30 years of Achievement of the Foundation


  • 1985: Lucienne Duncan, President of the Foundation, built a church for practicing Christians called Chapel Enfant Jesus of Prague.


  • 2004 FEJ recognized non -governmental non profitable organization.
  • 2007 VVHF becomes VVHF is a tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization.
  • 2014 VVHF Rebrands and changes "Doing Business As " name to FEJ USA


  • 1985: Primary school is establish
  • 2006: Teacher continuous training established
  • 2007: National televised telethon is initiated by FEJ, successfully uniting all sectors of the Haitian community,raising funds to build the new school complex for Ecole Enfant Jesus
  • 2008: Construction of new school complex is completed.
  • 2008:Sponsorship for children established
  • 2009: Construction of two additional classrooms, a toilet block and a school kitchen.
  • 2009: Daycare established
  • 2009: FEJ reforms school mission and vision.A comprehensive holistic approach is established and a seven year plan is put in place
  • 2010: Construction of the school cafeteria.
  • 2010: Recreation basketball court in school yard.
  • 2010: Construction of main storage building at Lamardelle.
  • 2011: School curriculum and structure enhanced
  • 2011: School Canteen students have at least two hot meals per day established in 1987 but enhanced.
  • 2012: Solar panel installed for school, clinic and volunteer compound
  • 1985-2014: Providing education to more than two thousands children.


  • 2000: Received first orphan under CEJ care
  • 2003: Creche completion built
  • 2004: Adoption license from IBERS
  • 2008: Establish special need and HIV program for children in need
  • 2012: USGBC announce the building of first LEED orphanage for FEJ in Haiti
  • 2013: William Jefferson Clinton Children's Center is officially announced
  • 2004-2014: More than three hundreds family reunification with their children.
  • 2014: Creche at Lamardelle closed (no more abandoned children in the area) and will be transforming as a vocational program center.

Community Development

  • 2003: Drinking water fountain provided for 300 families.
  • 2005: Partnership developed with the Youth Associations in Lamardelle aims to inform and raise awareness of the various activities for the Foundation.
  • 2007: Women empowerment program established
  • 2009: FEJ brought electricity and 6 transformers to over a distance of more than 4 kilometers in Lamardelle with help of generous donors.
  • 2010: Initiated vocational program for 35 women, with sewing, embroidery and handicrafts.
  • 2010: Construction of volunteer's guest house (8 rooms).
  • 2011 Cassava factory is implemented
  • 2011: Water tower construction at Lamardelle orphanage.
  • 2011: Initiates youth soccer championship
  • 2012: FEJ brought electricity and 3 transformers to over a distance of about 1 kilometer in Kenscoff (Le Refuge).
  • 2013 M.E.A.L sewing shop is implemented.
  • 2013: second water well digging for the community


  • 2008: Mobile clinic is initiated in Lamardelle. Twice a year a team of doctors who visit our area provide support to children and people in the Lamardelle community.
  • 2010: Comprehensive rehabilitation program established for a one year period for mothers with their children and young women victims of the earthquake called Haitian alliance for mother amputees (HAMA)
  • 2011: Completion of the first floor of the community clinic.
  • 2011: training and jobs creation for physically limited people.
  • 2012: Completion of second floor community clinic.
  • 2012: Community clinic operation is established and Action Medeor funds community clinic operation for three years.
  • 2012: Initiated malnutrition program for children
  • 2013: Initiated training for more than fifty midwives.


  • 2011:Pilot agriculture project is implanted for the benefit of school and orphan children to provide more vegetables and protein in their daily meals
  • 2011: Poultry and rabbit breeding program to feed school and orphans children is initiated.