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Official launching of “Sustainable Primary Health Care and Maternal Services in Lamardelle” and AIDS awareness day!!

Within our Foundation, we have a child protection program which supports the “at-risk” children (HIV / AIDS, Syphilis, mild disability etc.). Our goal is to provide to them a stable environment with access to medical care, education and a healthy diet, as well as the social and psychological support in order to make them autonomous and independent.
On December 1st, 2015, Community Clinic Enfant Jésus celebrated the AIDS awareness day we did training and testing for the inhabitants of Lamardelle. The same day, FEJ team also officially launched, with our official partner Action Medeor, for the next three years, the project called “Sustainable Primary Health Care and Maternal Services in Lamardelle”.

Our target population at the clinic will include its 12 surrounding communities: Dame –Marie, Jacquet, Coupette, Ti Marché, Masseau, Eloi, Rampe, Campeau, Agossa, Bois-Blanc, Galette-Chambon and Lamorthe which are all located in the district of Ganthier, Galette Chambon. The direct target group comprises 20,000 inhabitants who are living in the mentioned area. All inhabitants will benefit from the geographical proximity, as well as the medical affordable services such as general consultation, a nutrition rehabilitation program, the community network of 30 matrons and 4 community health workers etc. The inhabitants will receive some services for free: post-natal package, birth kits, medika mamba, HIV test, birth control, vaccines. A special focus lies on pregnant and lactating women within the region who will be offered pre- and post-natal checks as well as medical assistance during delivery. Our overall aim is the sustainable improvement of the health status of the population and the contribution to reduce child and maternal mortality.

The project objective is to allow the local population in the project region to benefit from the sustainable and secure expanded health care at the health center and has an improved knowledge and preventive behavior with regard to their general and their sexual and reproductive health.