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Community Development

The foundation seeks to support ambitious transformational efforts of the actual community to address the goals mention and understands that successful efforts may require a multi-year timeline. In order to achieve community development the following must be actualized in the community:
  • Increase the global visibility of effective models and best practices in meeting the needs of community in jeopardy.
  • Identify and provide high quality interventions for this community
  • Strengthen partnerships and collaborative coalitions of local and/or regional and/or international, agencies representing a broad spectrum of care options and experience in comprehensive interventions.
  • Support community friendly policies that emphasize family-based and community-based settings for children and families in jeopardy.
  • Monitor, evaluate and provide results of successful programs and projects.

Foundation Enfant Jesus with the initiation of community village leader work in capacity building in the community in project that is interested in supporting efforts that: establish preventive measures to stabilize families and keep them intact.

The Types of Initiatives of Greatest Interest to Foundation Enfant Jesus are:

  • Upstream interventions that improve communities by
  • Targeting child health and development programs
  • Targeted education programs
  • Family supports and other social services
  • Training programs for individual and group that allows self enhancement.

We seek in to participate with other grassroots organization in the region to establish the following by promoting and supporting in the years to come.

Implantation of the necessary infrastructures to promote rural development:

  • Job Creation
  • Prolongation Electricity in the region.
  • Building of community sport center
  • Youth groups
  • Community leadership
  • Encouraging and support community initiative
  • More well to provide clean drinking water
  • Road building
  • Housing Project