Community Development

The ultimate goal of all our programs is to support community development. We envision Haitian communities that can sustain themselves economically, support their children’s education, provide support to their most vulnerable members, and organize to solve problems. This is long-term work.

There are no quick-fixes or one-size-fits-all solutions, but we are committed to working toward this goal.  We follow several broad principles with all of our projects:

  • Strive to engage with community leaders.
  • Build capacity within the community.
  • Strengthen partnerships and collaborative coalitions of local and/or regional and/or international, agencies.
  • Support community friendly policies that emphasize family-based and community-based settings for children and families in jeopardy.
  • Monitor, evaluate and provide results of successful programs and projects.

Some of our key objectives specifically aimed at Community Development include:

  •  Job Creation
  •  Expanding access to electricity
  •  Building of a community sports center
  •  Developing youth and women’s groups
  •  Encouraging and supporting community initiatives
  •  Drilling more wells to provide more sources of clean drinking water
  •  Housing projects