Our Impact

30 Years Of Action

Primary Education:

  • 525 children per year educated in the primary school
  • 30 children per year graduate in the primary school
  • 525 children per year given access to basic medical care
  • 525 children benefit from nutritional program


  • The community Clinic has approximately 7000 patient visits a year
  • 300 children per year benefit from our milk and medicine program
  • Approximately 3000 people were reached by our team on HIV/AIDS education
  • 150 people per year received one-to-one counseling sessions
  • 350 people per year joined focus group clubs
  • Over 8500 people have received training in basic hygiene care
  • Over 4500 people have received training in the importance of using clean water
  • 250 families per year benefit from nutrition training
  • 600 women per year received Prenatal and post-natal care


  • 300 families provided with clean drinking water
  • Approximately 1000 families provided with access to electricty


  • Since 2007 approximately 500 women have benefited from women empowerment program