Many of you will have seen the news about the escalation in gang violence in Haiti. We wanted to let you know that despite the crisis, our work continues! We have been taking precautions to ensure that all of our staff and the children in our care are safe. Many of our staff either work from home or stay extended periods of time at our on-site locations in order to reduce the time they are travelling through the streets.

As the situation in Haiti evolves from day to day, we continue to be vigilant, monitor the situation and continue our important work.

We know that many of you are eager to help. We would certainly appreciate your thoughts and prayers for a peaceful resolution of the current crisis and the continued safety of our staff and children. If you are in the position to make a donation, we have an immediate needs of funds to be able to purchase food and medications which are becoming scarce and very expensive.

Thank you for keeping the children of Haiti in your thoughts during these challenging times.